More closer to your customers

Professionals, become an actor in the first social network totally dedicated to gastronomy. Access to qualified and specialized communities, promote your products and know-how with enthusiasts and have a privileged conversation with your customers.

Benefit from an exchange platform

Access to qualified and specialized passion communities to interact with enthusiasts. Create news and events to boost your business. e-picure is a specific network, bringing together professionals and enthusiasts around a common passion, gastronomy.

Control your e-reputation

e-picure offers a platform without rating, without classification, in a friendly and caring spirit. Use privileged conversation to respond privately to your customers.

Promote your products

e-picure offers a space to promote your know-how and your specialties. Manage your information and choose yourself the products you want to highlight.

Attract new customers

e-picure helps your business to develop its activity and increase its visibility. Referencing on an interactive map will reach new customers in new neighborhoods, new cities, new countries.